The Manager's Pocket Guide to Dealing with Conflict

Book description

Conflicts occur everyday in the life of managers. You can't escape them, but you can learn how to handle them better. Conflict causes stress, low morale, and decreased productivity. This pocket guide is for leaders who want to learn skills that will prevent and resolve conflicts and ensure a better working environment. Readers will learn how to recognize patterns of conflict, identify causes of conflict, prevent conflicts from developing (and escalating), and apply conflict resolution techniques. By mastering these skills managers will be able to better serve their employees, helping them to navigate through interpersonal conflicts and maintain workplace productivity.

Product information

  • Title: The Manager's Pocket Guide to Dealing with Conflict
  • Author(s): Lois B. Hart Ed. D.
  • Release date: January 1999
  • Publisher(s): HRD Press
  • ISBN: 9780874254808