The total number of points:

Perfect score is 100

90–100       Excellent score and fairly balanced

80–89         Okay, but needs some work

70–80         Needs lots of work

Below 70    Help!

Statement # 1. If the score is low, why was it so low? Is there a project going on now that is requiring more effort than normal? If not, what is the problem? How can it be solved?

Statement # 2. If the score is low, why is it not interesting? Why is it not energizing? Was it energizing at one point? When did it change? Why?

Statement # 3. If the score is low, do you take work home often? How often? Why? Can any of that be delegated? Is this temporary or continuous? Why?

Statement # 4. If the score is low, do you work at night often? ...

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