About the Author
Kenji Ishikawa is a scientific and technical journalist. He was born in Tokyo in 1958. After
graduating from the College of Science at the Tokyo University of Science, he worked as a
journalist for a weekly magazine and later became a freelance editor and writer. Besides
writing novels and various columns, over the last 20 years, he has also written technical
commentaries for general readers and conducted many interviews with leading engineers
and researchers. His works cover scientific areas such as electricity, mechanics, aviation,
astronomy, devices, materials, chemistry, computers, communication, robotics, and energy.
About the
Supervising Editor
Kiyoshi Kawabata, PhD, ScD, is a professor emeritus in the Department of Physics, College
of Science, at the Tokyo University of Science. Born in the Mie prefecture in 1940, Kawabata
graduated from the School of Science, Division of Physics and Astronomy, at Kyoto Univer-
sity in 1964. While working on his doctorate, he studied abroad in the United States and
received a PhD in astronomy from Penn State University in 1973. He was also awarded a
ScD in astrophysics from Kyoto University. In 1981, he worked as a researcher at Columbia
University and then worked for approximately eight years at NASA’s Goddard Institute for
Space Studies. In 1982, he began teaching as an assistant professor in the Department of
Physics, College of Science, at the Tokyo University of Science, and he became a full profes-
sor there in 1990. He specializes in astrophysics, particularly observational cosmology and
radiative transfer theory.
Production Team for
theJapanese Edition
Production: Verte Corp., Satoshi Arai, and Kenji Kawasaki
Illustration: Yutaka Hiiragi

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