142 Chapter 3 The Universe Was Born With a Big Bang
Hubble’s Great Discovery
Do you know
who Edwin
Hule is?
He’s the American
astronomer that
NASA’s Hule Space
Telescope is named
Edwin Hule
was born in the
United States in
1889 and had a
slightly unusual
history as a
In his younger days,
he was an a-around
athlete who set
several records in
various sports. From
the time he entered
coege, he was very
active in basketba
and boxing.
He was a particularly gd
boxer and may even have
bn tempted to compete
for the world championship.
He’s like me!
Of course, he
also studied
He majored in
mathematics and
astronomy at the
University of Chicago and
studied jurisprudence
and earned a masters
degr at Oxford
U n iv e rsity.
He was both
an exceent
student and An

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