Everything Started with the Big Bang 161
Everything Started with the Big Bang
So approximately when did the Big Bang occur?
Calculating backward using the velocity at which the universe is expand-
ing, it seems to have been about 13.7 billion years agoplus or minus
about 1 billion years.
Wait a minute! What about the location?
Professor, where did the Big Bang occur?
What are you talking about? Since the “location” called space came into
being after the Big Bang, there couldn’t be any concept of “where” before
it occurred.
There was no
This is hard to understand, isn’t it? An explosive phenomenon did not
occur somewhere in space...space was created by the Big Bang. Not
only that, but all substances as well as time originated from the Big
Bang. Therefore, if it’s a question of where, then everywhere in our
entire universe is the spot where the Big Bang occurred.
I think I get it. Remember the experiment when we inflated the balloon?
After the balloon is inflated, there is no way to answer a question like
What part of the inflated balloon corresponds to the balloon before we
inflated it?” It’s the same thing with the universe.

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