Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures and t indicate tables.


Abatement techniques 547, 552
Absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination processes (ADME) 
body transport 207–208
chemical characteristics 207, 208f
elimination 209
food to blood 207
transformations 208–209
Acne vulgaris 
compounds 534
description 533
FoxO1 534
genetic predisposition and hormonal influences 533–534
incidence rate 534
lesional pleomorphism 533
MD, role 538–541
pathogenetic factors 533
topical and systemic treatments 533
and westernized diet 534–537
Adolescents in MD  See Children in MD
Aerobic sports 
anabolic function after exercise 519
genes upregulation 519
healthy behavioral habits 519
muscle mass and dynamic response 519
Aging bone ...

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