The Five-Factor Model in Detail

The NEO-AC takes its name from the five-factor model (FFM) of personality. Again, we can easily see where the NEO-AC gets its name:

1. Neuroticism (N)

2. Extroversion (E)

3. Openness (O)

4. Agreeableness (A)

5. Conscientiousness (C)

In your mind’s eye right now you should be summoning up the image of the bell-shaped curve. Each one of these five major factors can be plotted as just such a curve. Also, you should bring back to mind the image of the X-Y axis. Just as we were able to plot out N versus E, so too can we plot any two of these five main factors of personality against one another, with the intersection of the two axes representing the median of two bell-shaped curves.

For example, if you were ...

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