The 30 Personality Facets

Each of the five dimensional domains (factors) in the NEO-AC is composed of six separate subfactors, or traits. These traits are referred to as the “facets” of personality. like the five major domains, the facets are also dimensional in quality (for each one you can draw a bell-shaped curve showing a smooth and even distribution around a mean).

Appendix A provides detailed descriptions of the 30 facets, but here is a brief list of these facets of personality to review before proceeding further:


  • N1: Anxiety
  • N2: Angry hostility
  • N3: Depression
  • N4: Self-consciousness
  • N5: Impulsivity
  • N6: Vulnerability


  • E1: Warmth
  • E2: Gregariousness
  • E3: Assertiveness
  • E4: Activity
  • E5: Excitement-seeking ...

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