Summary to Section One

I hope you now understand the foundations of a successful life, and are beginning to put those foundations in place.

Study Part I as often as you need, and put the principles discussed into action every day. Soon, you will build strong foundations that allow you to build the highest skyscrapers of success, wealth, and happiness.

Scrimp on the foundations, and whatever you build will always be shaky and end up toppling over. Too many people try to make money without understanding the basic principles of putting their life in order first. Without your health, both physical and mental, and a good balanced life style, money will not come your way. Even if it does, it will not fulfill you.

I have disclosed some life-changing tools in this section which, if used correctly, will help you achieve your wildest dreams. However, remember the journey of success requires commitment, perseverance, and vision. There will be obstacles, including the many skeptics you'll meet along the way.

Sometimes, it may feel easier to give up, especially when things don't appear to be going your way, but by giving up and admitting defeat, you join the other millions of life's losers living shallow, empty, and worthless lives and praying for a lottery win.

Success takes effort and courage, but it's absolutely worth it. I speak from first-hand experience.

Remember you have a long way to go yet, and reading the first part of this book is only a tiny step up a long ladder. Yet, you've ...

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