Why Back-End Selling Leads to Big Profits

If you remember one thing from this book, remember this:

A one-off sale will make you money, but a lifetime customer will make you rich.

Here's the mistake many businesses make, both large and small. Joe Smith buys a book, DVD, or fishing rod from a company via mail order. Most companies fulfill that order, then forget about the customer. Big mistake!

The chances are that as long as you have supplied a good product and fulfilled Joe Smith's order promptly, he will be happy to buy from your company again and again. In fact, if a customer has bought from you once, you have just overcome his biggest problem—resistance to the first sale. Now that he knows you keep your promises and deliver promptly, he'll be much more likely to do business with you again.

How to Back-End Sell the Right Way

Firstly, when you ship the client's first order, send a letter thanking him for his order and enclose a catalogue or details of another product you think might interest him. I also suggest sending a special voucher, offering a discount if he orders within 21 days.

If you don't hear from him, send another letter saying something like, “You recently ordered the XYZ course, and I would like to tell you about our new ZZZ video.”

Alternatively, you could send a free newsletter, as previously mentioned. You could set this up to be automated via e-mail. However, with customers receiving more and more e-mails, this method is losing its effectiveness. A traditional ...

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