The Mission-Driven Venture: Business Solutions to the World s Most Vexing Social Problems

Book description

Practical guidance to maximize financial results while driving positive social change

The Mission-Driven Venture provides actionable guidance for leveraging the power of the marketplace to solve the world's most vexing social problems. Written by attorney and financial advisor Marc J. Lane, a renowned thought leader and expert on entrepreneurship, social enterprises, impact investing and entrepreneurial finance, this book reaches the full spectrum of interests represented at the intersection of business and social change. Whether a social entrepreneur, impact investor, socially conscious individual, or a nonprofit or foundation leader, any reader committed to social innovation can benefit from this practical roadmap to the rapidly developing arena of social enterprise.

Through real-world accounts of the journeys and successes of mission-driven ventures, Lane effectively illustrates the transformative potential of social enterprise, inspiring the reader to be an agent of change. Among the many tools offered through The Mission-Driven Venture, readers will:

  • Find functional guidance to move from idea to reality with a step-by-step guide to designing and implementing a successful mission-driven venture

  • Assess the benefits and challenges of the business models and entity choices available to the social entrepreneur

  • Examine the entrepreneurial linkages between nonprofits and for-profits

  • Recognize governance issues that can arise when mission and profit objectives clash, and discover tools for managing them

  • Explore evolving trends and developments in financing social enterprise

  • Discover methods and tools for measuring and reporting social impact

  • Develop an effective strategy for achieving both financial success and meaningful social impact

  • Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright
    3. Dedication
    4. Preface
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Author
    7. About the Website
    8. Chapter 1: Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job
      1. “Father G” and Homeboy
      2. Vanessa Bartram and WorkSquare, LLC
      3. The Origin of Mission-Driven Ventures
      4. Businesses Drive Social Change
      5. Profits and Purpose
      6. Our Agenda
    9. Chapter 2: Where to Begin?: Constructing the Mission-Driven Venture
      1. Maximizing the Prospects of Financial Success and Meaningful Social Impact
      2. Tracking Input, Output, and Outcome Indicators
      3. Entity Design Choices
      4. Moving from Ideation to Realization
      5. Preparing for Launch
      6. Zeroing in on Size and Scale
    10. Chapter 3: Communities of Interest: Benefit Corporations and Certified B Corps
      1. Delaware Rejects Stakeholderism
      2. The Benefit Corporation's Impact
      3. Delaware, the Outlier
      4. Patagonia's Values and Vision
      5. Public Good Software Supports Civil Society
      6. Ensuring Accountability to Stakeholders
    11. Chapter 4: PRIs and L3Cs
      1. The Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C)
      2. The “Sustainability Mayor” Leverages His Impact
      3. Counseling Data, L3C: A Case Study in Collective Impact
    12. Chapter 5: The Poor and Their Banker Lead the Way
      1. Professor Yunus' Journey
      2. The Visit to Jobra
      3. The Banking System's Failure
      4. Yunus' Ingenious Solution
      5. The Advent of the “Social Business”
      6. Grameen Bank and Its Strategy
    13. Chapter 6: Leveraging Grameen
      1. The Power of Cause-Related Marketing
      2. The Grameen Family Expands
      3. Social Venture Franchising
      4. Grameen Empowers Entrepreneurs
    14. Chapter 7: The Mondragón Miracle: Scaling the Peaks Beyond the Pyrenees
      1. Italy's “Social Co-Operatives”
      2. France's “SCOP”
      3. Why Worker-Owned Co-Ops Succeed
      4. The Evergreen Cooperatives Build on MondragÓn's Success
    15. Chapter 8: Social Impact Bonds: Aligning Financial and Social Returns
      1. Funding Targeted Intervention Strategies
      2. “Pay for Success”
      3. The Massachusetts Initiative
      4. New York City Leads the Way
      5. Pay for Success Gains Traction
      6. Where Social Impact Bonds Work
      7. The Social Impact Bond's Progeny
      8. Empowering the Social Sector
    16. Chapter 9: Building and Rebuilding Communities
      1. Donor-Advised Funds
      2. The Role Foundations Play
      3. Lessons Learned
    17. Chapter 10: Investing for Impact
      1. The Origin of Impact Investing
      2. Impact Investing Takes Root
    18. Chapter 11: How Impact Investing Works—and Why
      1. The Form of the Investment
      2. Managing Risk
      3. Judging Investment Performance
      4. Quantifying Social Returns
      5. Cashing Out
      6. The Challenges of an Impact Investing Market
    19. Chapter 12: Impact Investing: Pursuing Its Destiny
      1. The Importance of Public Policy
      2. The Institutional Investors Weigh In
      3. The Growth Trajectory Is Clear
    20. Chapter 13: Keeping Score: What Success Looks Like
      1. A Safe Haven's Social Impact
      2. Crediting the Causes of Positive Social Change
      3. REDF and Social Return on Investment
      4. Root Capital and Its “Social and Environmental Scorecard”
      5. Acumen Fund and Its “Best Alternative Charitable Option”
    21. Chapter 14: Answering the Call: The Demand for Social Metrics
      1. Scaling Success
      2. Shared-Outcomes Networks
    22. Chapter 15: Toward a Universal Metrics Language
      1. Creating More Social Good
      2. The Industry Steps Up
      3. Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS)
      4. The Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS)
      5. B Analytics
      6. Other “Universal” Standards
      7. The World Takes Note
    23. Chapter 16: What the Future May Hold: The Triumph of the Mission-Driven Venture
      1. The Poorest of the Poor Have Reason for Hope
      2. The Growing Role of Business
      3. Social Enterprise Gains Influence in the Developing World
      4. Business Raises the Bar
      5. Governments Reach Out to Mission-Driven Ventures
      6. Measurement of Social Performance Becomes More Sophisticated
      7. Stakeholders Look to Substance Over Form
      8. Social Capital Takes Center Stage
      9. The Stakes Go Higher
      10. Collaboration Becomes the Watchword
    24. Index
    25. End User License Agreement

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    • Title: The Mission-Driven Venture: Business Solutions to the World s Most Vexing Social Problems
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: January 2015
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781118336052