67. Thumbnails

The following MakeThumbnail extension method creates a thumbnail file for an image:

// Make a thumbnail for the file with maximum// dimensions maxWidth x maxHeight.private Bitmap MakeThumbnail(string filename, int maxWidth,     int maxHeight){    // Load the image.    Bitmap bm = LoadImageWithoutLocking(filename);    // Calculate the scale.    float xscale = maxWidth / (float)bm.Width;    float yscale = maxHeight / (float)bm.Height;    float scale = Math.Min(xscale, yscale);    // Make the thumbnail's bitmap.    int width = (int)Math.Round(bm.Width * scale);    int height = (int)Math.Round(bm.Height * scale);    Bitmap thumbnail = new Bitmap(width, height);    using (Graphics gr = Graphics.FromImage(thumbnail))    { gr.InterpolationMode = InterpolationMode.High; ...

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