Chapter 5img Mushin: No-Mind/No-Distractions/No-Fear

The first time I threw a live hand grenade, I forgot what to do. I couldn't remember if it was “thumb clip, pull the pin,” or “pull pin, thumb clip.” And did I mention I was standing there holding a live hand grenade? It was a bad time to forget what to do.

I'm sure my Marine buddies were wondering why I was hesitating and what the hell I was doing. I'm sure they wanted to yell at me, too. But you're supposed to look away when something's about to explode, and these guys were doing exactly what they were supposed to do. They were looking away. I was the one with the problem.

I remember standing there with this live grenade in my hand, thinking, “The Marine recruiter really didn't tell me about this.” He focused on the camaraderie of the Marine Corps, travel to exciting new places, the glamour of being part of one of the most elite fighting units in the armed forces. He didn't say anything ...

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