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The Naked Trader's Guide to Spread Betting: How to make money from shares in up or down markets

Book Description

Have you dabbled in shares or the stock market? And wondered what spread betting was all about and whether you should be doing it? Perhaps you thought it all looked a bit complex or was just for City boys? Now here is a new beginner's guide that explains - in plain English - how to do it, and how to make money from it! Spread betting shares can be dangerous: most people lose - some even lose their shirts. But it's not a world populated by pinstriped men waiting to rob you, steal your savings and do nasty things to small kittens. You can win. (And you never have to pay a penny in tax!) This book shows you how. Robbie Burns, bestselling author of The Naked Trader, has been spread betting for years. He explains why it's an indispensable tool to use alongside normal investing or trading. Especially as you can make money even if the market goes down. Robbie takes you through everything from how it works, to managing your risk, working out exposure, and how, often, doing nothing is the best move! He explains the ins and outs of successfully betting on shares in his trademark down-to-earth style, covering everything you need to know. From the simple stuff through to proven strategies, including those that can be used in different markets - it's all here. There are also behind-the-scenes visits to two top spread betting firms. But it's a big, bad old world out there, and there are a whole heap of mistakes you can make, an awful lot of money you can lose. Rounding up spine-chilling traders' tales of spread bets gone wrong, and using all he has learnt from making silly mistakes himself, Robbie also helps you learn what not to do. This is the ultimate guide to spread betting - how to do it, have fun and hopefully make a few quid.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Copyright
  3. About the Author
  4. Welcome to the World of Spread Betting
    1. It’s All About Me – and You
      1. The Naked Trader and spread betting
      2. Who this book is for
      3. Spread betting
      4. All about me…
      5. What about you?
      6. Anyone can do it but...
      7. Shall we get started?
    1. 1. Before We Get to the Detail
      1. The nature of spread betting
      2. Spread betting as part of an overall strategy
      3. Before We Go Any Further: a Warning
    2. 2. The Knowledge: I
      1. Spread Betting Compared to Normal Share Dealing
      2. Spread Betting Prices
      3. Placing a Spread Bet
      4. Different Types of Spread Bet
      5. Shorting
      6. What happens if I short a share and it goes bust?
      7. Staking
      8. Closing Bets
      9. Rollovers
      10. Margin
      11. More on margin and leverage
      12. The s**t hitting the fan
      13. And Finally, the Good Bit – Taking Profits
      14. Withdrawing money
    3. 3. The Knowledge: II
      1. Why Shouldn’t I Just Spread Bet and Nothing Else?
      2. Tax
      3. Real Money or Pretend Money?
      4. How much money do you need to get started?
      5. Spread Betting Systems and Bulletin Boards
      6. Charting
      7. Dealing With Your Spread Betting Firm
      8. Tips and Advice
      9. Day trading
    4. 4. The Great Stop Order
      1. Stop Losses
      2. Stop loss examples
      3. Amending a stop
      4. Standard stop vs. guaranteed stop
      5. …the 8am stop-out!
      6. Stop loss summary
      7. Stop-loss and Target Setting
      8. Stop losses vs. targets
      9. Trailing Stop Losses/Raising Stops
      10. Target/stop summary
    5. 5. What Markets Should You Trade?
      1. Top Traded Markets
      3. Indices
      4. Commodities
    6. 6. I Visit Two Spread Betting Firms
      1. Tradefair
      2. IG Index
      3. After the Visits – My Conclusions
      4. And now off the record ... anecdotal evidence (AKA amazing how alcohol helps)
    7. 7. It’s All in the Mind
      1. Psychology (How are you feeling today?)
      2. (Nothing more than) feelings
      3. Fear and Greed
      4. It’s a War Out There
    8. 8. The Top 11 Mistakes Made By New Spread Bettors
      1. 1. Allowing positions to run away into huge losses
      2. 2. Setting too tight stop losses
      3. 3. Trading forex
      4. 4. Over-leveraging
      5. 5. System addict
      6. 6. Overtrading
      7. 7. Playing indices too much
      8. 8. Getting emotional and losing it
      9. 9. Buying against the trend or trying to spot a turn
      10. 10. Greed
      11. 11. Not cutting losers and running profits
    1. 9. Strategies I Use
      1. News-driven events
      2. Buy on fear...
      3. ...sell on greed
      4. Short on debt
      5. Specialise
      6. Use charts
      7. Short newspaper tips
      8. Go with the trend
      9. News!
      10. Short a profits warning
      11. New issues
      12. Use Level II
      13. How do I find shares to trade?
      14. Conclusion
    2. 10. Trading Examples
      1. Short trades
      2. Long trades
      3. Small oil shares and spread betting!
    3. 11. Traders’ Tales
      1. Beware Ye
    4. 12. Which Firm Should I Use?
    5. 13. The Rules
      1. Take it slow and steady
      2. The Naked Trader Spread Betting Rules
  7. APPENDICES (AKA Goodies at the End of the Book)
    1. A few goodies hiding at the end of the book here.
    2. I. Jargon
    3. II. The Naked Trader Spread Betting Quiz
    4. III. My Website!
    5. IV. Naked Trader Seminars
    6. V. Special Spread Betting Offers
    7. Free eBooks from Harriman House
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