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The NEW 2015 CISSP Exam. Brace Yourself (and prepare yourself)!

Video Description

Are you interested in the CISSP certification? Have you been studying for the exam? Do you plan to take the exam real soon?If not....BRACE YOURSELF......On January 15, 2015, ISC2, the certifying body for the CISSP certification exam, released a new set of exam objectives for the CISSP certification exam. These changes will be on the CISSP certification exam beginning on April 15, 2015. This new exam is a major change from the current CISSP exam, version 2012. Content will be moved and merged to 8 Domains of the Common Book of Knowledge, down from the current 10 Domains. If you will be testing after 4/14/2015, you will need to learn the new shape and topics of the 2015 CISSP Certification exam.What we will cover:The CISSP certification exam, circa 2012; A quick reviewThe new shape of the CISSP certification exam, circa 2015Certification requirementsNew topics that will be test-worthy on April 15, 2015How should you prepare?Questions and answers