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The New Corporate Facts of Life

Book Description

Still myopically chasing quarterly profits, producing the same product the same way, issuing directives to increasingly disengaged employees? Too many organizations cling to outdated practices—to their detriment and almost certain demise. In today’s unpredictable, interconnected world you cannot rely on the old rules of business to get stellar results. The New Corporate Facts of Life charts a clear path through the obstacles facing all companies—disruptive innovation, economic instability, environmental degradation, increasing stakeholder power, and other global forces—explaining exactly how to transform each challenge into competitive advantage. Based on interviews with over 50 top executives and thought leaders, including Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO John Brock, Georgia Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson, and UPS CFO Kurt Kuehn, the book recounts how leading-edge companies have begun re-shaping strategy, culture, vision, engagement, and leadership to succeed in this brave new world. Change is the only constant in business. Packed with inspiring stories and compelling examples, The New Corporate Facts of Life offers a bird’s-eye view of the shifting landscape and reveals how any organization, large or small, can begin creating a profitable, sustainable future.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: An Unending Journey
  8. Chapter 1: Meet the New Corporate Facts of Life
    1. Disruptive Innovation
    2. Economic Instability
    3. Societal Upheaval
    4. Stakeholder Power
    5. Environmental Degradation
    6. Globalization
    7. Population Shifts
    8. Applying the New Corporate Facts of Life
  9. Chapter 2: Reset your Mindset
    1. Understanding Mindsets
    2. Replacing Old Rules with New Facts
    3. Shifting Mindsets
    4. Preparing People to Adapt to Change
    5. Applying the New Corporate Facts of Life
  10. Chapter 3: Create a Compelling Vision
    1. Understanding Vision
    2. Creating that Compelling Vision
    3. Keeping True to your Organization's Purpose and Core Values
    4. Engaging Key Stakeholders to Cocreate your Vision
    5. Think Big, Bold, and Beyond
    6. Viewing the Future Using the New Corporate Facts of Life
    7. Articulating the Vision
    8. Translating Words into Actions
    9. Applying the New Corporate Facts of Life
  11. Chapter 4: Map the Strategic Journey
    1. Delivering Today's Commitments and Tomorrow's Promise
    2. Mapping your Strategy Using the New Corporate Facts of Life
    3. Evolving your Strategy
    4. Applying the New Corporate Facts of Life
  12. Chapter 5: Build a Unique and Vibrant Culture
    1. Culture and the Bottom Line
    2. Culture and the New Corporate Facts of Life
    3. Creating your Unique and Vibrant Culture
    4. Bringing it All Together
    5. Applying The New Corporate Facts of Life
  13. Chapter 6: Lead on the Edge of Change
    1. Creating Great Futures through Bold Leadership
    2. Defining the BOLDEST Leadership Needs
    3. Seeing the BOLDEST Leaders in Action
    4. Developing the BOLDEST Leaders
    5. Applying the New Corporate Facts of Life
  14. Chapter 7: Engage to Excel
    1. Valuing Stakeholder Engagement
    2. Engaging Internal Stakeholders
    3. Engaging External Stakeholders
    4. Harnessing the Power of Participation
    5. Developing a Stakeholder Engagement Process
    6. Renewing your Bonds
    7. Applying the New Corporate Facts of Life
  15. Chapter 8: Design a Resilient Organization
    1. Designing a Resilient Organization
    2. Aligning the Organization's Design with your Strategy
    3. Designing an Organization for Sustainable Success
    4. Ten Strategies for Designing a Resilient Organization
    5. Applying The New Corporate Facts of Life
  16. Conclusion: Lessons for the Road
    1. Lesson 1: You can Meet the People you Need to Meet
    2. Lesson 2: You can Learn what you Need to Know
    3. Lesson 3: You can Turn Every Problem into an Opportunity
    4. Lesson 4: You can Lead from where you Stand
  17. Notes
  18. References and Resources
  19. Index
  20. About the Author
  21. Free Sample Chapter from the Practical Drucker