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The New Darkroom Handbook, 2nd Edition

Book Description

The Darkroom Handbook, Second Edition, is a completely revised and updated version of a classic guide to the best design, construction, and equipment to use when setting up a darkroom.

This book features ideas and money-saving tips on how to put a darkroom almost anywhere in your home or apartment. It takes you inside darkrooms of photographers around the world including those of famous photographers such as, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, Berenice Abbott, and W. Eugene Smith. In addition, it contains detailed do-it-yourself plans for the most essential darkroom components, cutouts and design grids to plan that "dream" darkroom, and special sections on the color darkroom and the digital darkroom.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. Darkrooms of the Famous
    1. Harry Callahan
    2. Aaron Siskind
    3. Berenice Abbott
    4. W. Eugene Smith
  8. 2. Darkrooms Around the World
    1. Phillipe Moroux
    2. Famiglia Trentotto
    3. Ron Harrod
    4. Robert Mann
  9. 3. Ideas for Placement
    1. Darkrooms in Closets
    2. Darkrooms in Kitchens
    3. Darkrooms in Bathrooms
    4. Darkrooms in Spare Rooms
    5. Workrooms
  10. 4. Designing the Room
    1. What Are Layouts and Elevations?
    2. How to Do Layouts
    3. Planning Grids
    4. Dry-Side Cutouts
    5. Wet-Side Cutouts
    6. Light-Trap Cutouts
    7. Light-Trap and Drying-Rack Cutouts
    8. Preparing Elevations
  11. 5. Building the Room
    1. Tools
    2. Installing Partitions
    3. Hanging Doors
    4. Installing Sheetrock
    5. Getting to Know Your Plumbing
    6. More about Your Plumbing
    7. Typical Darkroom Plumbing
    8. Roughing in the Plumbing
    9. Installing Supply Lines
    10. Installing the Drain
    11. The Easy Way Out and Unique Solutions
    12. A Modular Plumbing System
    13. Introduction to Electricity
    14. Electricity in the Darkroom
    15. Tools and Materials for Electrical Work
    16. Wiring the Circuits
    17. Modular Control Panel
  12. 6. Building the Inside
    1. The Lighting Circuits
    2. Lighting Equipment
    3. Building a Darkroom Sink
    4. Building a Sink Stand
    5. Installing Counters
    6. Building a Print-Drying Rack
    7. Making the Drying Frames
    8. Building a Light Box
    9. Mounting the Enlarger
    10. Building an Adjustable Enlarger Baseboard
    11. Air Quality
    12. Light-Proofing
    13. Those Added Comforts
  13. 7. Processing Equipment
    1. Sinks
    2. Water Quality
    3. Temperature Regulation
    4. Automatic Temperature Regulation
    5. Processing Trays and Tongs
    6. Wet-Side Accessories
    7. Roll Film Tanks and Reels
    8. Washers
    9. Timing Systems
    10. Chemical Storage and Waste Disposal
  14. 8. Enlarging Equipment
    1. Enlargers
    2. Enlarging Lenses
    3. Easels
    4. Focusing Magnifiers
    5. Negative Cleaning and Dusting
    6. Printing and Exposure Controls
    7. Negative Storage and Proof Printers
  15. 9. The Color Darkroom
    1. Introduction to Color
    2. The Color Darkroom
    3. Color Enlargers
    4. Color Analyzers and Calculators
    5. Drum and Tank Color Processors
  16. 10. Print Finishing
    1. Dryers
    2. Mounting
    3. Matting and Storing Prints
    4. Framing
  17. 11. The Digital Darkroom
    1. Introduction to the Digital World
    2. Digital Equipment
    3. Printing the Digital Image
  18. Index