Chapter 13

Keeping track of listings using My eBay

Once your listing is live on the site, you can track its progress from My eBay. As covered in chapter 8, My eBay stores all your buying information, but it’s also where every one of your listings and their current status is displayed. To access listing information in My eBay, hover your mouse over My eBay at the top of the eBay homepage then click Selling/sold. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the selling/sold pages.

All Selling view

The default landing page for selling in My eBay is the All selling page (see figure 13.1). In essence, it summarises all of your selling activity on one page. Starting at the top of the page, first you will see if you have any Cases in the eBay resolution centre. This is where buyers will alert eBay if they have not received an item or if an item received is not as described, or where you can alert eBay to the fact that a buyer has not paid so you can recoup your final value fee (where applicable). For more information on this, see chapter 14. In this example you can see that I have one case open and it is awaiting the buyer’s response. Clicking on any link, such as 1 case, will take you to the details of that transaction in eBay’s resolution centre and give you options for responding to a buyer’s claims.

Figure 13.1: the My eBay All selling page


Next on the page is a list of Selling ...

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