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The New Oil

Book Description

How can you leverage the value of your company's data? 

Well over a century ago oil drove the development of innovations such as the internal combustion engine, central heating and plastics, changing our world and our economy. Oil, as a technology, fueled an economic force that inexorably changed the way people lived and worked. Today, data is fueling a very similar change: it is the driving force for new business models and disruptive technologies that impact companies in every imaginable industry. 

The New Oil shows how data changes the traditional business paradigm. How it impacts not just high-tech, high-profile companies, but also old-school, low-tech industries all around the world; data lives and breathes within every single company. 

In The New Oil, Arent van 't Spijker explains how companies such as Google, Nike and Adara are leveraging a 'Data Driven Strategy'. Many other examples highlight the applications and commercial potential for data. Van 't Spijker describes five typical business models for monetizing data that help you to develop viable business models for leveraging data in your own company. He then shows how to successfully put these business models to practice. Above all, he will inspire you to follow in the footsteps of market leaders.

Table of Contents

  1. 1 - Introduction
  2. Part I Shift Happens
    1. 2 - The Value of Data
    2. 3 - Change Happens
      1. Information Generations
      2. Value Shifts from Publishers to Platforms
      3. Data Drives Market Insurgents
      4. Availability Sparks Creativity
    3. 4 - Three Drivers of Change
      1. The Connected Economy
      2. The Internet of Things: A Sensory Revolution
      3. Mobility
      4. Enablers of Co-Creation
    4. 5 - Co-Creation
    5. 6 - Data Creates Value in the Network
  3. Part II The Value of Data
    1. 7 - Patterns
    2. 8 - Pattern 1: Basic Data Sales
      1. Basic Data Sales in the Business Model Canvas
      2. Practical Issues with Basic Data Sales
    3. 9 - Pattern 2: Product Innovation
      1. Product Innovation in the Business Model Canvas
      2. Competing on Data
      3. Using Data to Restore Credibility to Banking
      4. Business Model ‘Flip’
    4. 10 - Pattern 3: The Commodity Swap
      1. Commodity Swap in the Business Model Canvas
      2. Smart Meters Enable the Commodity Swap
    5. 11 - Pattern 4: Value Chain Integration
      1. Value Chain Integration in the Business Model Canvas
      2. Redefining Logistics Through Data
    6. 12 - Pattern 5: Value Net Creation
      1. Value Net Creation in the Business Model Canvas
      2. Value Net Creation: Adara, Inc.
  4. Part III Patterns In Practice
    1. 13 - The Flipping Point
    2. 14 - Reciprocity
      1. Reciprocity Drives Amazon’s Recommendations
      2. Using Reciprocity to Generate Unique Data
      3. Using Reciprocity to Create Customer Loyalty
      4. Auto Generation vs. ‘Asking’ for Data
    3. 15 - Flow Control
      1. TomTom’s First Mover Advantage in Flow Control
      2. Flow Control Requires Business Continuity
      3. Flow Control Creates Competitive Advantage
      4. Strategic Value of Flow Control
    4. 16 - Scalability
      1. Scaling Beyond Expected Boundaries
      2. Scalability to Create High Barriers to Entry
    5. 17 - Platform
      1. The Platform as a Single Point of Distribution
      2. The Platform as a Means for Managing Commerce
      3. Platform as a Launch Pad for Creativity
      4. Nike+: Single Platform for Activity Monitoring
    6. 18 - Quality and Privacy
      1. Data Quality
      2. Data Reliability
      3. Privacy
    7. 19 - Managing Data Initiatives
      1. Data Driven Strategy Is a Risk
      2. The Parallel Startup
      3. Developing Innovation
      4. Lean and Iterative Development
      5. Case: Innovation in Smart Energy
    8. 20 - Final Thoughts
    9. 21 - Get Involved
    10. 22 - Index