Chapter 9

The Seven Reporting Steps for an Agile OPPM

We are now ready to use the one-page project manager (OPPM) we just built. The project, which was introduced in the previous chapter, was part of a software project I managed at Tanner called Cornerstone, and it involved the deployment of SAP enterprise software for finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and a front office component. Chapter 6 of my second book, The One-Page Project Manager for IT Projects, discusses the main body of this project in detail. OPPMs were essential for this project and, we will present the front office piece in the agile OPPM format. Typical big bang traditional go-live challenges pressed us into the newly emerging agile methods. Shortly after the completion of the project that we will display in this chapter, O.C. Tanner was recognized by CIO magazine. Here is a quote from IT Management News, August 23, 2004:

O.C. Tanner Recognition Company has been named one of CIO Magazine's “Agile 100” for the company's ability to marry “IT agility with enterprise agility in order to move quickly, adapt intelligently and create advantage in a rapidly changing world,” according to the publication.

O.C. Tanner will be honored by the magazine's editors in Colorado Springs on Aug. 24, along with other leading companies such as FedEx Corp., T. Rowe Price, Dell, SBC, Harvard Business School and General Motors.

O.C. Tanner was recognized for using agile software development methodology to implement more than 1,000 ...

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