Chapter 18. Podcasting and Video Made, Well, as Easy as Possible

Creating audio and video content for marketing and PR purposes requires the same attention to appropriate topics as other techniques outlined in this book. It requires targeting individual buyer personas with a thoughtful message that addresses some aspect of their life or a problem they face. By doing so, you brand your organization as smart and worthy of doing business with. However, unlike text-based content such as blogging or sending news releases, audio and video require a modest investment in additional hardware such as microphones and video cameras, as well as software, and, depending on the level of quality you want to achieve, may also necessitate the time-consuming editing of files. Although the actual procedures for podcasting and video are a bit more convoluted than, say, starting a blog, they are still not all that difficult.

Podcasting 101

A podcast is a piece of audio content tied to a subscription component so people can receive regular updates. The best way to think of podcasting is that it's like a radio show except that you listen to each episode at your convenience by downloading it either to your computer or to a mobile device like an iPod. The equipment you'll need to start podcasting will range in cost from a few hundred dollars at the low end to a bit over a thousand dollars for professional-level sound. Plus, you'll probably want to host your audio files on an external server requiring a monthly ...

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