Welcome to the New Rules

The year since The New Rules of Marketing and PR was first published has been an absolute blast. I spend my time traveling all over the United States and the world speaking to groups about the new rules, spreading the word, opening people's eyes to the possibilities, and motivating them to change the ways they do marketing and public relations.

We've been liberated!

Before the Web came along, there were only two ways to get noticed: buy expensive advertising or beg the mainstream media to tell your story for you. Now we have a better option: publishing interesting content on the Web that your buyers want to consume. The tools of the marketing and PR trade have changed. The skills that worked offline to help you buy or beg your way in are the skills of interruption and coercion. Success online comes from thinking like a journalist and a thought leader.

The hardcover version of this book has sold remarkably well since its release in June 2007, remaining a top title for over a year among thousands of books about marketing and public relations. But wanna know the amazing thing? I didn't spend a single penny advertising or promoting it. Here's what I did do: I offered advance copies to approximately 130 important bloggers (you'll see their names in the acknowledgments), I sent out nearly 20 news releases (you'll read later in the book about news releases as a tool to reach buyers directly), and my publisher alerted contacts in the media. That's it. To date, well ...

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