The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, & Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, 3rd Edition

Book description

David Meerman Scotts marketing bible has become a modern day business classic.

This is the book every ambitious, forward-thinking, progressive marketer or publicist has at the front of their shelf. Business communication has changed over the recent years. Creative ad copy is no longer enough. The New Rules of Marketing and PR has brought thousands of marketers up to speed on the changing requirements of promoting products or services in the new digital age. This is a one-of-a-kind, pioneering guide, offering a step-by-step action plan for harnessing the power of the Internet to communicate with buyers directly, raise online visibility, and increase sales. Its about getting the right message to the right people at the right time - for a fraction of the cost of a big-budget advertising campaign. This new, updated edition includes:

  • A new introduction discussing recent changes to the world of marketing and PR

  • A brand new chapter on mobile marketing

  • An additional chapter on real-time marketing and PR

  • Updated information on how to measure the success of your campaigns

  • A range of new tools

  • Fresh case studies

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for The New Rules of Marketing & PR
  3. Also by David Meerman Scott
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright
  6. Dedication
  7. Foreword
  8. Welcome to the Third Edition of The New Rules
    1. Third Edition
  9. Introduction
    1. The New Rules
    2. Trying to Write Like a Blog, But in a Book
    3. Showcasing Innovative Marketers
  10. Part I: How the Web Has Changed the Rules of Marketing and PR
    1. Chapter 1: The Old Rules of Marketing and PR Are Ineffective in an Online World
      1. Advertising: A Money Pit of Wasted Resources
      2. One-Way Interruption Marketing Is Yesterday's Message
      3. The Old Rules of Marketing
      4. Public Relations Used to Be Exclusively about the Media
      5. Public Relations and Third-Party Ink
      6. Yes, the Media Are Still Important
      7. Press Releases and the Journalistic Black Hole
      8. The Old Rules of PR
      9. Learn to Ignore the Old Rules
    2. Chapter 2: The New Rules of Marketing and PR
      1. The Long Tail of Marketing
      2. Tell Me Something I Don't Know, Please
      3. Bricks-and-Mortar News
      4. Advice from the Company President
      5. The Long Tail of PR
      6. The New Rules of Marketing and PR
      7. The Convergence of Marketing and PR on the Web
    3. Chapter 3: Reaching Your Buyers Directly
      1. The Right Marketing in a Wired World
      2. Let the World Know about Your Expertise
      3. Develop Information Your Buyers Want to Consume
      4. Buyer Personas: The Basics
      5. Think Like a Publisher
      6. Tell Your Organization's Story Directly
      7. Know the Goals and Let Content Drive Action
      8. Content and Thought Leadership
  11. Part II: Web-Based Communications to Reach Buyers Directly
    1. Chapter 4: Social Media and Your Targeted Audience
      1. What Is Social Media, Anyway?
      2. Social Media Is a Cocktail Party
      3. Facebook Group Drives 15,000 People to Singapore Tattoo Show
      4. The New Rules of Job Search
      5. How David Murray Found a New Job via Twitter
      6. Insignificant Backwaters or Valuable Places to Connect?
      7. Your Best Customers Participate in Online Forums—So Should You
      8. Your Space in the Forums
      9. Wikis, Listservs, and Your Audience
      10. Creating Your Own Wiki
    2. Chapter 5: Blogs: Tapping Millions of Evangelists to Tell Your Story
      1. Blogs, Blogging, and Bloggers
      2. A Blog (or Not a Blog)
      3. Understanding Blogs in the World of the Web
      4. The Four Uses of Blogs for Marketing and PR
      5. Monitor Blogs—Your Organization's Reputation Depends on It
      6. Comment on Blogs to Get Your Viewpoint Out There
      7. Work with the Bloggers Who Talk about You
      8. Bloggers Love Interesting Experiences
      9. How to Reach Bloggers around the World
      10. Do You Allow Employees to Send Email? How about Letting Them Blog?
      11. Breaking Boundaries: Blogging at McDonald's
      12. The Power of Blogs
      13. Get Started Today
    3. Chapter 6: Audio and Video Drive Action
      1. Digging Digg Video
      2. What University Should I Attend?
      3. The Best Job in the World
      4. Have Fun with Your Videos
      5. Audio Content Delivery through Podcasting
      6. Putting Marketing Back in Musicians’ Control
      7. Podcasting: More Than Just Music
      8. Grammar Girl Podcast
    4. Chapter 7: The New Rules of News Releases
      1. News Releases in a Web World
      2. The New Rules of News Releases
      3. If They Find You, They Will Come
      4. Driving Buyers into the Sales Process
      5. Reach Your Buyers Directly
    5. Chapter 8: Going Viral: The Web Helps Audiences Catch the Fever
      1. Minty-Fresh Explosive Marketing
      2. Monitoring the Blogosphere for Viral Eruptions
      3. Creating a World Wide Rave
      4. Rules of the Rave
      5. Film Producer Creates a World Wide Rave by Making Soundtrack Free for Download
      6. Using Creative Commons to Facilitate Mashups and Spread Your Ideas
      7. Viral Buzz for Fun and Profit
      8. The Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Jerry Garcia's Toilet
      9. Clip This Coupon for $1 Million Off Fort Myers, Florida, Home
      10. When You Have Explosive News, Make It Go Viral
    6. Chapter 9: The Content-Rich Website
      1. Political Advocacy on the Web
      2. Content: The Focus of Successful Websites
      3. Reaching a Global Marketplace
      4. Putting It All Together with Content
      5. Great Websites: More Art Than Science
    7. Chapter 10: Marketing and PR in Real Time
      1. Real-Time Marketing and PR
      2. Develop Your Real-Time Mind-Set
      3. Real-Time Blog Post Drives $1 Million in New Business
      4. The Time Is Now
      5. Crowdsourced Support
  12. Part III: Action Plan for Harnessing the Power of the New Rules
    1. Chapter 11: You Are What You Publish: Building Your Marketing and PR Plan
      1. What Are Your Organization's Goals?
      2. Buyer Personas and Your Organization
      3. The Buyer Persona Profile
      4. Reaching Senior Executives
      5. The Importance of Buyer Personas in Web Marketing
      6. In Your Buyers’ Own Words
      7. What Do You Want Your Buyers to Believe?
      8. Developing Content to Reach Buyers
      9. Marketing Strategy Planning Template
      10. The New Rules of Measurement
      11. Asking Your Buyer for a Date
      12. Measuring the Power of Free
      13. What You Should Measure
      14. Registration or Not? Data from an e-Book Offer
      15. Educating Your Salespeople about the New Sales Cycle
      16. Obama for America
      17. Stick to Your Plan
    2. Chapter 12: Online Thought Leadership to Brand Your Organization as a Trusted Resource
      1. Developing Thought Leadership Content
      2. Forms of Thought Leadership Content
      3. How to Create Thoughtful Content
      4. Leveraging Thought Leaders Outside of Your Organization
      5. How Much Money Does Your Buyer Make?
    3. Chapter 13: How to Create for Your Buyers
      1. An Analysis of Gobbledygook
      2. Poor Writing: How Did We Get Here?
      3. Effective Writing for Marketing and PR
      4. The Power of Writing Feedback (from Your Blog)
    4. Chapter 14: How Web Content Influences the Buying Process
      1. Segmenting Your Buyers
      2. Elements of a Buyer-Centric Website
      3. Using RSS to Deliver Your Web Content to Targeted Niches
      4. Link Content Directly into the Sales Cycle
      5. A Friendly Nudge
      6. Close the Sale and Continue the Conversation
      7. An Open-Source Marketing Model
    5. Chapter 15: Mobile Marketing: Reaching Buyers Wherever They Are
      1. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
      2. Build Your Audience via Mobile
      3. Geolocation: When Your Buyer Is Nearby
      4. The Mobile Media Room
      5. An App for Anything
      6. Cyber Graffiti with WiFi Network Names as Advertising
    6. Chapter 16: Social Networking Sites and Marketing
      1. Television's Eugene Mirman Is Very Nice and Likes Seafood
      2. Facebook: Not Just for Students
      3. Check Me Out on MySpace
      4. Tweet Your Thoughts to the World
      5. Social Networking and Personal Branding
      6. The Horse Twitterer
      7. Connecting with Fans
      8. How Amanda Palmer Made $11,000 on Twitter in Two Hours
      9. Which Social Networking Site Is Right for You?
      10. You Can't Go to Every Party, So Why Even Try?
      11. Optimizing Social Networking Pages
      12. Integrate Social Media into an Offline Conference or Event
      13. Start a Movement
      14. Why Participating in Social Media Is Like Exercise
    7. Chapter 17: Blogging to Reach Your Buyers
      1. What Should You Blog About?
      2. Blogging Ethics and Employee Blogging Guidelines
      3. Blogging Basics: What You Need to Know to Get Started
      4. Pimp Out Your Blog
      5. Building an Audience for Your New Blog
      6. Tag, and Your Buyer Is It
      7. Fun with Sharpies (and Sharpie Fans)
      8. Blogging outside of North America
      9. What Are You Waiting For?
    8. Chapter 18: Video and Podcasting Made, Well, as Easy as Possible
      1. Video and Your Buyers
      2. Business-Casual Video
      3. Stop Obsessing over Video Release Forms
      4. A Flip Video Camera in Every Pocket
      5. Getting Started with Video
      6. Video Created for Buyers Generates Sales Leads
      7. Podcasting 101
    9. Chapter 19: How to Use News Releases to Reach Buyers Directly
      1. Developing Your News Release Strategy
      2. Publishing News Releases through a Distribution Service
      3. Reaching Even More Interested Buyers with RSS Feeds
      4. Simultaneously Publishing Your News Releases to Your Website
      5. The Importance of Links in Your News Releases
      6. Focus on the Keywords and Phrases Your Buyers Use
      7. Include Appropriate Social Media Tags
      8. If It's Important Enough to Tell the Media, Tell Your Clients and Prospects, Too!
    10. Chapter 20: The Online Media Room: Your Front Door for Much More Than the Media
      1. Your Online Media Room as (Free) Search Engine Optimization
      2. Best Practices for Online Media Rooms
      3. An Online Media Room to Reach Journalists, Customers, Bloggers, and Employees
      4. Really Simple Marketing: The Importance of RSS Feeds in Your Online Media Room
    11. Chapter 21: The New Rules for Reaching the Media
      1. Nontargeted, Broadcast Pitches Are Spam
      2. The New Rules of Media Relations
      3. Blogs and Media Relations
      4. How Blog Mentions Drive Mainstream Media Stories
      5. Launching Ideas with the U.S. Air Force
      6. How to Pitch the Media
    12. Chapter 22: Search Engine Marketing
      1. Making the First Page On Google
      2. Search Engine Optimization
      3. The Long Tail of Search
      4. Carve Out Your Own Search Engine Real Estate
      5. Web Landing Pages to Drive Action
      6. Search Engine Marketing in a Fragmented Business
    13. Chapter 23: Make It Happen
      1. Getting the Help You Need (and Rejecting What You Don't)
      2. Great for Any Organization
      3. Now It's Your Turn
  13. Acknowledgments for the Third Edition
  14. About the Author
  15. Preview: Real-Time Marketing & PR
    1. Prologue
    2. Revolution Time
    3. Chapter 1
    4. Grow Your Business Now
    5. Dave's Slingshot Goes Viral on Goliath
    6. The Stories behind the Story: United Airlines, Taylor Guitars, and Calton Cases
    7. Break a Taylor Guitar and You Break this Man's Heart
    8. A Teachable Moment
    9. Case Study in Real-Time Product Development
    10. United Comes Untied
    11. Dave's Big Win
    12. Real-Time Engagement
  16. Preview: The New Rules of Social Media Book Series
    1. Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs
    2. Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business
    3. Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment
    4. Beyond Viral: How to Promote and Sustain Your Brand with Online Video
    5. Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business
  17. Index
  18. Have David Meerman Scott Speak at Your Next Event!

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  • Title: The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, & Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118026984