16An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

In the past several years, images have become increasingly popular marketing and public relations assets. In particular, we'll look at storytelling through photographs, image-sharing applications (Instagram and Pinterest in particular), and delivering complex data clearly with infographics. As with other forms of content, success in this area comes from considering your buyers and creating the images that will be valuable to them as they consider doing business with your organization.

Photographs as Compelling Content Marketing

With all the talk about image-sharing services like Pinterest and Instagram, sometimes a basic premise of communication practice is lost. Images are important in all your marketing content. Don't get so excited about the latest tool that you forget about the value of the image itself.

For example, consider Zürsun Idaho Heirloom Beans. The company was the first to offer authentic heirloom beans and unusual legumes to customers worldwide via specialty stores. Dozens of bean, lentil, and pea varieties are available, with colorful names like Dapple Grey, Scarlet Runner, White Emergo, and Tongues of Fire. “The glorious true-to-size pictures, carefully taken in natural light, have done more to promote the beans than any words possibly could,” says Allison Boomer, the founder of Eco-Conscious Food Marketing. Boomer worked with Zürsun on website design ...

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