The New Social Learning, 2nd Edition

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“Social learning is a fundamental shift in how people work leveraging how we have always worked, now with new, more humanizing tools, accelerating individual and collective reach, giving us the resources to create the organization, and the world, we want to live in.” In this newly revised and updated edition of The New Social Learning, Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner dispel organizational myths and fears about social media. By sharing the success stories of socially engaged companies and people, the much-anticipated second edition persuasively makes the case for using social media to encourage knowledge transfer and real-time learning in a connected and engaging way. As Steve LeBlanc noted, “Social learning thrives in a culture of service and wonder. It is inspired by leaders, enabled by technology, and ignited by opportunities that have only recently unfolded.” Brand-new case studies about innovative organizations such as Boston Children s Hospital, National Australian Bank, LAZ Parking, Sanofi Pasteur, Cigna, CENTURY 21, and Roche Pharmaceuticals illustrate cutting-edge social learning approaches that cultivate environments where great people can do their best work. The New Social Learning lays the foundation for improving the way you engage with colleagues, collaborate with teams anywhere in the world, and build workforce capability. Take the next step to connect skills and knowledge and

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Reach Out and Connect
    1. The Workplace Has Changed
    2. What Is the New Social Learning?
    3. Moving Theory Into Practice
    4. Four Changes That Shift Work
    5. Is This Learning?
    6. How to Respond to Critics
    7. The Next Level
    8. Informing Decisions
  9. 2 Embark on the Journey
    1. Get Clear About Your Challenges
    2. Determine What’s in It for People
    3. Reach Out to Your Partners and Stakeholders
    4. Identify Quick-Win Opportunities
    5. Initiate, Seed, and Spur on Activity
    6. Encourage Champions
    7. Differentiate Benefits
    8. Establish Guidelines and Road Rules
    9. Serve as a Positive, Visible Example
    10. Measure Things That Matter
    11. Trust People and Share, Share, Share
  10. 3 Transition and Engage
    1. Set Your Sights High
    2. Strategy 1. Invite People Onto the Dance Floor
    3. Strategy 2. Obsess About Getting Back Your Time
    4. Strategy 3. Foster a Sense of Community
    5. Strategy 4. Identify Value Markers
    6. Strategy 5. Ensure People Are Digitally Literate
    7. Strategy 6. Focus on Increasing Collective Smarts
    8. Strategy 7. Work Out Loud
    9. Strategy 8. Earn and Build Trust
    10. Strategy 9. Use Rich Media to Look People in the Eye
    11. Strategy 10. Curate to Focus Attention
  11. 4 Never Give Up
    1. At Times, We All Make Mistakes
    2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Culture
    3. Don’t Focus on the Tools
    4. Don’t Neglect to Get Leadership on Board
    5. Don’t Expect That Employees Will “Automagically” Engage
    6. Don’t Make Social Learning an Extra Thing to Do
    7. Don’t Be Mistrustful of Your People
    8. Don’t Structure Information Flows to Model Your Org Chart
    9. Don’t Choose Just Any Tool
    10. Don’t Aim for Perfection
    11. Don’t Be Too Timid
    12. Don’t Allow Failures to Define You and Your Work
  12. 5 Analyze Insights and Returns
    1. Look Back to Look Forward
    2. Use Lightweight Analysis
    3. Analysis 1: Perspective
    4. Analysis 2: Engagement
    5. Analysis 3: Connectedness
    6. Analysis 4: Fiscal Fitness
    7. Analysis 5: Impact
    8. Analysis 6: Influence
    9. Analysis 7: Attention
    10. Analysis 8: Capacity
    11. Analysis 9: Change
    12. Analysis 10: Fill Holes
    13. Yet What About Learning?
  13. 6 In-Person Learning Reimagined
    1. Intentional Encouragement
    2. Inclusive Diversity
    3. Impassioned Hearts
    4. Growing Together
    5. Speaker, Teacher, Audience, Student
    6. Takeaway
    7. Recommendations
  14. Appendix: Social Media Governance
  15. Notes
  16. Further Reading
  17. Glossary of Social Learning Lingo
  18. About the Authors
  19. Index
  20. Back Cover

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  • Title: The New Social Learning, 2nd Edition
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  • Release date: June 2015
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
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