CHAPTER 9 Action stations: fashioning the future right now


In August 2016, a truck became stuck under the Scitech bridge in Perth, Western Australia.1 By now, of course, rescuers around the world know how to solve the problem. The origins of this solution are shrouded in mystery, although my favourite version involves the 10-year-old who approached some engineers as they pondered how to dislodge a truck that had become wedged in a tunnel. ‘Just let the tyres down,' she offered. And they did.

Solving problems has multiple benefits. It stimulates our creative juices; it generates satisfaction in resolving an issue; it builds better relationships with our partners, family members and friends; it creates community. Implementing a solution gives you the confidence to take on further problems. A mindframe that focuses on solutions ensures a healthier and more productive life.

Not all issues are easily resolved, however. We sometimes encounter what are called ‘wicked problems' that are near intractable. In the future, such issues will give our children the opportunity to learn how to ...

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