Milestone 1 – A First Passing Test Against the Server

We will approach the requirements through a set of milestones. The first milestone we will try to reach is a very first passing end-to-end Jasmine test case against our web service API.

Let's see what we need to reach that milestone:

  • We need to be able to execute Jasmine test cases
  • We need a Jasmine spec that requests our HTTP backend
  • We need an HTTP backend that responds to the request

In order to verify that we are good to go in regards to executing Jasmine test cases, let's create a subfolder spec/e2e in our project directory:

mkdir -p spec/e2e

Next, we create the file that will hold the end-to-end tests for our yet-to-be-written API server. We name it apiSpec.js and store it ...

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