Applying CRUD operations with the low-level mongodb driver

Again, I won't cover installation of the server software. Please refer to the official installation instructions(h t t p s ://d o c s . m o n g o d b . c o m /m a n u a l /i n s t a l l a t i o n /) in order to get a MongoDB server up and running on your machine.

If you have Docker installed on your machine, the quickest way to get a MongoDB server up and running is this one-liner:

docker run --rm --name mongo -p 27017:27017 -d mongo:3.4  

See h t t p s ://h u b . d o c k e r . c o m /_ /m o n g o / for more details.

Once this is done, create a new project folder called mongodb-test, and in there create an initial package.json as follows:

 { "name": "mongodb-test", "version": "0.0.1", ...

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