The Non-Designer’s Photoshop Book: Essential imaging techniques for design

Book description

Many designers and photographers own the entire suite of Adobe creative products, but they manage to learn only one or two of the applications really well. This new addition to the popular Non-Designer’s books from best-selling authors Robin WilliamsJohn Tollett uses a series of individual exercises to teach image-editing tasks in Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 specifically to designers, who need to enhance their photos for use in brochures, advertising, Flickr, Facebook, websites, and so on. 

In this fun, full-color, straight-forward guide to Photoshop CS5.5, you’ll learn:

  • Basic photo editing, such as how to smooth out wrinkles, remove blemishes, lose a little weight, clean up dust and scratches, brighten and sharpen the image, delete people, remove or add space in the middle of a photo, and more

  • How to further manipulate and enhance images with filters and effects

  • How to draw and paint with customized brushes, and how to colorize a black-and-white image

  • All about layers and how to take advantage of them

  • How and when to use paths, layer masks, and clipping masks to increase your editing capabilities

  • How to merge several photos into one panorama, use the Puppet Warp feature, remove lens distortion, and much more

Whether you need to improve or edit your photos for your graphic design work or to upload to your Flickr or Facebook account, this book is the easiest path to mastering basic tasks in Photoshop.

Product information

  • Title: The Non-Designer’s Photoshop Book: Essential imaging techniques for design
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2011
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780132732925