The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution

Book description

The nonprofit sector is facing major fundraising challenges. Government cutbacks, shrinking endowments, and business belt-tightening mean revenue shortfalls that could prevent organizations from fulfilling their missions. To survive and ultimately thrive, a nonprofit needs forceful revenue strategies and an organizational culture that champions them. Bridging the gap between theory and practical methods, The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution shows readers how to: • Ensure that executive leadership and board dynamics fully support fundraising initiatives • Build a broad constituency of donors aligned to the mission • Determine the right level of funding diversification • Use tactics such as challenge drives, stretch gifts, and corporate matching; parlor gatherings; leadership councils; year-end drives; corporate partnerships; and major campaigns to power revenue, increase access to wealthy donors, and raise their community profile • Proactively encourage planned giving • Avoid revenue plateaus Full of real-life stories and “casebooks” of the strategies-in-action, this book reveals how any nonprofit can implement advanced fundraising methods and secure the funds they need to excel.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part One - What Getting to the Next Level Really Means
    1. Chapter 1 - Why Organizational Culture is Critical
      1. How Do we Define Organizational Culture?
      2. Three Critical Aspects of a Nonprofit's Organizational Culture
      3. What it Takes to Change Organizational Culture
      4. New Strategies can Mean New Vitality for your Nonprofit
      5. Casebook
      6. At the End of the Day
    2. Chapter 2 - Leadership from the Belly Outward
      1. The Importance of Good Followership
      2. What Style of Leadership is Right for your Organization?
      3. What a Fundraising Leader Does
      4. The Four Most Common Roadblocks to Successful Fundraising
      5. Applying the Lessons of Leadership
      6. How to know if your Leadership is Working
      7. Casebook
      8. At the End of the Day
    3. Chapter 3 - Tuning up the Board for Effective Fundraising Performance
      1. The Critical Relationship between an Organization's CEO and its Board
      2. Alignment of Vision through Deeper Inquiry
      3. Identifying and Adding to your Board's Core Strength
      4. Recruiting and Retaining Good Board Members
      5. Fundraising through the Board's Trustees
      6. What all the Numbers Mean
      7. A Humble and Rewarding Task
      8. Casebook
      9. At the End of the Day
    4. Chapter 4 - Higher-Level Thinking for Greater Fundraising Performance
      1. The Importance of Measuring your Long-Term Impact
      2. Strategic Planning for Successful Outcomes
      3. Should we Diversify, and if so, how?
      4. Sustainability and Long-Term Thinking
      5. The Ins and Outs of Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships
      6. Avoiding Flatlining by Confronting the Brutal Facts of your Reality
      7. The Large, Hirsute, and Bold Way to Reach the Stars
      8. Putting it all into Place
      9. Casebook
      10. At the End of the Day
  9. Part Two - Advanced Fundraising Tactics to Raise More Revenue
    1. Chapter 5 - Building a Donor Constituency where None Exists
      1. How and where to Uncover Prospective Donors
      2. Five Steps to Transforming Prospects into Donors
      3. The Right Kind of Moves Management Program
      4. How to know when your Donor Constituency is Big Enough
      5. At the End of the Day
    2. Chapter 6 - Planning and Staging Cost-Effective Parlor Gatherings
      1. Snapshot of a Parlor Gathering
      2. Organizing your Gathering
      3. The Four Key Questions to Answer at a Parlor Gathering
      4. Preparing for your Presentation
      5. On with the Show
      6. Casebook
      7. At the End of the Day
    3. Chapter 7 - Challenge Gift Drives and Corporate Matching Gifts
      1. How to Put Together your Challenge Gift Drive
      2. The Three Key Steps to Carrying Out your Challenge Gift Drive
      3. Best Practices in Challenge Gift Drives
      4. Challenge Giving and your Board
      5. Corporate Matching Gift Programs
      6. Casebook
      7. At the End of the Day
    4. Chapter 8 - Reaping the Bounty of Year-End Giving
      1. Gratitude is what your Year-End Drive is all about
      2. January is the Next Best Time of Year for Giving
      3. Donor Meetings to Discuss Major Gifts
      4. At the End of the Day
    5. Chapter 9 - Fundraising and Relationship Building through Social Media
      1. Getting Started with Social Media
      2. Seven Questions to Determine how well your Social Media Fundraising is Working
      3. The Value of Social Media beyond Fundraising
      4. Further Integrating Social Media into your Existing Fundraising Systems
      5. Four Simple Ways to Fundraise through Social Media
      6. At the End of the Day
    6. Chapter 10 - Forming Powerful Leadership Councils
      1. What a Leadership Council Does
      2. What to Name your Council
      3. Situations Best Served by a Leadership Council
      4. How to Recruit and Work with your Leadership Council
      5. Confer and use your Legitimacy Wisely
      6. Casebook
      7. At the End of the Day
    7. Chapter 11 - Taking a New Approach to Corporate Sponsorships
      1. The Mathematics of Sponsorship
      2. How can your Organization Get in on this Corporate Largesse?
      3. The Little-Known Dynamics of Corporate Sponsors and Board Members
      4. At the End of the Day
    8. Chapter 12 - Major Fundraising Campaigns: The Moral Equivalent of War
      1. Why you should be Thinking about a Fundraising Campaign
      2. Are you Ready for a Campaign?
      3. What Type of Fundraising Campaign is Right for you?
      4. Preparing the Case Statement
      5. Campaign Costs and how to Cover them
      6. Naming Opportunities as a Revenue Strategy
      7. Leadership Structure in a Major Campaign
      8. The Special Role of your Board in the Campaign
      9. Further Preparation for the Campaign
      10. The Course of the Campaign
      11. Why Campaigns Stall, Fail, or Succeed
      12. Casebook
      13. At the End of the Day
    9. Chapter 13 - Creating or Advancing your Planned Giving Program
      1. How to Create your Planned Giving Program
      2. Dealing with Donor Resistance
      3. Cost Versus ROI of Planned Giving
      4. Donor-Advised Funds
      5. Establishing a Legacy Society
      6. At the End of the Day
  10. Conclusion
  11. Notes
  12. Index
  13. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution
  • Author(s): Laurence A. Pagnoni, Michael Solomon
  • Release date: October 2013
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814432976