Appendix F. Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Often Asked by NOOKies

Throughout this book, numerous questions are highlighted that I’ve seen from NOOKies. This appendix includes a list of all these questions and the page within the book where each question is answered.

1. Does my NOOK Color’s/NOOK’s battery drain faster with Wi-Fi connected? p. 5, 170

2. Should I plug my NOOK into a surge suppressor? p. 172

3. How should I clean my NOOK Color’s/NOOK’s touchscreen? p. 8, 172

4. Can I use images for my wallpaper or screensaver that won’t properly size to the necessary dimensions for my NOOK? p. 297

5. Should I use a specific file format for images? p. 16, 173

6. If I don’t like changes made by a firmware update, can I go back to an older version? ...

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