Chapter 9. Managing Procrastinators and Difficult Employees

If you've ever tried to herd cats, get teenagers to clean their room, or get a timely response from a procrastinator, you know that your usual management instincts are useless. Yet, all of us— procrastinators, producers, and workaholics—must work with, live with, and relate to individuals whose problems with procrastination cause us delays, frustration, and missed deadlines. Putting pressure on procrastinators only backfires. You need a strategic plan—for dealing with them and with yourself. Without a strategy, your usual approach will unwittingly encourage and contribute to the procrastination patterns of those you manage and supervise.

Procrastinators Use Ineffective Self-Talk

Employers, managers, and parents will be more effective in managing procrastinators when they understand the counterproductive self-talk procrastinators use with themselves ...

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