Chapter 2

Getting Started with the BBC micro:bit

In this chapter

check How to handle your BBC micro:bit safely and protect it against damage

check How to power your BBC micro:bit via USB or battery

check Exploring the BBC micro:bit’s introductory program

check An overview of the BBC micro:bit’s various inputs and outputs

HAVING EXPLORED YOUR BBC micro:bit’s hardware in Chapter 1, ‘Meet the BBC micro:bit’, it’s time to get down to the fun part: actually plugging it in and making it do things. Your BBC micro:bit can take its power from either your computer or a battery pack, and it comes complete with a preloaded sample application to help you get to grips with its various capabilities.

If you’ve already been using the BBC micro:bit and want to get started writing your own programs rather than using someone else’s, feel free to jump ahead to Chapter 3, ‘Programming the BBC micro:bit’, for an introduction to loading new applications onto its memory.

Handling the BBC micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is designed to be safe to handle and use without any kind of case over its circuitry. Because the BBC micro:bit ...

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