The Official Joomla!™ Book

Book description

The Official Joomla! Book demonstrates how to build a web presence using Joomla!, the world’s most popular open source Content Management System. Written by two veteran Joomla! project contributors with years of experience building Joomla! websites, the book explains website design and structure and how to use Joomla! to create an effective online presence. Chapters cover what you need to know before you install Joomla!, all the way through keeping the momentum going with your website after it is created. The book includes practical examples and discussions of how to expand your website with extensions in ways that are sensible for long-term site management. The final chapter of the book provides in-depth interviews with a number of Joomla! community leaders, developers, and contributors.  

The Official Joomla! Book offers an explanation of the Joomla! project and community, with information on the official sites, how to use them, and the many ways people of all experience levels can become participants and contributors. The book provides helpful step-by-step instructions and direction for those without any experience in creating websites, as well as tips and information for experienced web administrators and creators. Topics include

  • How Joomla! came into being and a description of the community that surrounds it

  • Domain names, finding a good host, color schemes, and branding

  • Installing Joomla!

  • Working with sample content to understand how Joomla! works

  • Templating for Joomla!, as well as how to edit the default templates

  • Using extensions, discussion of top pick extensions, and explanations of what they do

  • Creating meaningful navigation, content, and structure

  • Search engine optimization

  • Promotions, marketing, and social networking

  • Practical site examples for business, non-profit, and education

  • Interviews with Joomla! experts, including how they found Joomla!, their contributions to the project, and insights into their specialties and expertise areas

Product information

  • Title: The Official Joomla!™ Book
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2010
  • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
  • ISBN: 9780321704214