Appendix ASybase ASE 15 Certification Sample Questions and Answers

1. What arguments are required on a disk init?

A. name, physname, vdevno

B. name, logical_name, vstart, size

C. name, physname, size

D. name, size, dsync

2. What are the allowable logical page sizes in Sybase ASE 15?

A. 2 K, 4 K, 6 K, 8 K

B. 2 K, 4 K, 8 K, 16 K

C. 2 K only

D. 2 K, 4 K, 8 K, 16 K, 32 K

3. What is true for max memory? (choose all that apply)

A. max memory >= total logical memory

B. total logical memory >= max memory

C. max memory + total logical memory = memory cache

D. If you set allocate max shared memory to 1, Adaptive Server allocates all the memory specified by max memory at startup.

4. Which role or roles are necessary to execute queries against any of the MDA tables? ...

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