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The Official Ubuntu Book, Eighth Edition

Book Description

The free Ubuntu operating system has won the hearts and minds of millions of users worldwide. It combines a strong technical platform, impressive quality, and an enthusiastic global community of users who relentlessly support, document, and test it.

The Official Ubuntu Book, Eighth Edition, has been extensively updated with a single goal: to make running today’s Ubuntu even more pleasant and productive for you. It’s the ideal one-stop knowledge source for Ubuntu novices, those upgrading from older versions or other Linux distributions, and anyone moving toward power-user status.

Its expert authors focus on what you need to know most about installation, applications, media, administration, software applications, and much more. You’ll discover powerful Unity desktop improvements that make Ubuntu even friendlier and more convenient. You’ll also connect with the amazing Ubuntu community and the incredible resources it offers you.

Learn how to

  • Reliably install, customize, and update Ubuntu for any home, business, school, or government environment

  • Get up and running quickly, and then explore Ubuntu and download powerful free software

  • Customize Ubuntu for performance, accessibility, and fun

  • Get comfortable with the highly efficient Ubuntu command line

  • Install, administer, and secure Ubuntu Server, including advanced features such as LVM and RAID

  • Get involved with related Ubuntu projects

  • Help build, promote, distribute, support, document, or translate Ubuntu

  • Get up-to-the-minute help and troubleshooting advice from Ubuntu users worldwide

  • Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Contents
    6. Praise for Previous Editions of The Official Ubuntu Book
    7. Foreword to the Sixth Edition
    8. Foreword to the First Edition
      1. What Makes Ubuntu So Popular?
    9. Preface
    10. Acknowledgments
    11. About the Authors
    12. Introduction
      1. About This Book
    13. Chapter 1. The Ubuntu Story
      1. The Vision
      2. Free Software, Open Source, and GNU/Linux
      3. How the Vision Became Ubuntu
      4. What Is Ubuntu?
      5. Ubuntu Promises and Goals
      6. Sustaining the Vision: Canonical and the Ubuntu Foundation
      7. Beyond the Vision: Ubuntu Subprojects, Flavors, and Spin-Offs
      8. Summary
    14. Chapter 2. Installing Ubuntu
      1. Choosing Your Ubuntu Version
      2. Getting Ubuntu
      3. Booting and Installing
      4. Installing from the Minimal CD
      5. Summary
    15. Chapter 3. Getting Started with Ubuntu
      1. Getting Acquainted with Unity
      2. Using Applications
      3. Using Ubuntu in Your Language
      4. Configuring a Printer
      5. Keeping Your Computer Updated
      6. Adding and Removing Programs and Packages
      7. Upgrading to the Next Ubuntu Release
      8. Ubuntu and Multimedia
      9. Backing Up
      10. Customizing Ubuntu’s Look and Feel
      11. Unity in Other Devices
      12. Summary
    16. Chapter 4. Finding and Installing Ubuntu Applications
      1. Using the Ubuntu Software Center
      2. Learning Terminology and Foundations
      3. Using Synaptic
      4. Useful Software Packages to Explore
      5. Summary
    17. Chapter 5. Customizing Ubuntu for Performance, Accessibility, and Fun
      1. Unity Terminology
      2. Appearance Tool
      3. Unity Tweak Tool
      4. Compiz Config Settings Manager
      5. Unity Lenses and Scopes
      6. Additional Resources
      7. Summary
    18. Chapter 6. Becoming an Ubuntu Power User
      1. Administering System and User Settings
      2. Understanding How Linux Stores and Organizes Files
      3. Learning Unity Keyboard Shortcuts
      4. Using the Terminal
      5. Working with Windows Programs
      6. Installing Software from PPAs
      7. Compiling Software from Source
      8. Summary
    19. Chapter 7. Welcome to the Command Line
      1. Starting Up the Terminal
      2. Getting Started
      3. Building Pipelines
      4. Running Commands as Superuser
      5. Finding Help
      6. Moving around the Filesystem
      7. Manipulating Files and Folders
      8. System Information Commands
      9. Searching and Editing Text Files
      10. Dealing with Users and Groups
      11. Getting Help on the Command Line
      12. Searching for Man Files
      13. Using Wildcards
      14. Executing Multiple Commands
      15. Moving to More Advanced Uses of the Command Line
      16. Summary
    20. Chapter 8. The Ubuntu Server
      1. What Is Ubuntu Server?
      2. Installing Ubuntu Server
      3. Ubuntu Package Management
      4. Ubuntu Server Security
      5. Advanced Topics
      6. Summary
    21. Chapter 9. Ubuntu-Related Projects and Derivatives
      1. Recognized Flavors
      2. Editions
      3. Other Distributions
      4. Launchpad
      5. Bazaar
      6. Ubuntu One
      7. Summary
    22. Chapter 10. The Ubuntu Community
      1. Venues
      2. Teams, Processes, and Community Governance
      3. Getting Involved
      4. Summary