Brand Campaign Measurement

Not long ago, the internet seemed to be the exclusive domain of direct marketing companies, and the impact on brand image or trial of the medium was considered dubious. However, as the number of brand-oriented marketers using the internet increased, it became clear that online advertising plays an important role in brand building, capable of increasing awareness, interest, and engagement. There are several companies that specialize in quantifying the branding impact of online advertising.

Dynamic Logic

One of the leading online brand measurement companies is Dynamic Logic, founded in 1999 and today owned by Millward Brown IntelliQuest. Dynamic Logic helps marketers measure advertising effectiveness online through traditional brand metrics, beyond clicks, helping to identify the most effective creative executions. The company methodology measures effectiveness through control/exposed surveys. Essentially, an exposed group of users who have seen an ad is compared to a control group of users who have not. The exposed group is randomly intercepted and surveyed immediately after the ad has appeared on their browsers. Typically, they are notified by pop-up or floating windows, with an incentive to win a small cash reward in exchange for their participation. The control group is recruited on the same sites during the same time period. Dynamic Logic then uses the survey to gauge metrics such as brand awareness, ad recall, message association, and purchase intent. ...

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