1   José Villacís: ‘The Parallelism between Prados and Bernácer in Macroeconomics’; Pensamiento Iberoamericano: Revista de Economía Política, no. 6.

   2   Society…, published by Francisco Beltrán -Madrid- and dedicated to Oscar Esplá.

   3   The Theory of Disposable Funds, basic article published in the Revista Nacional de Economía (Madrid, Barcelona) in 1922. This article was reprinted with modifications in: ‘The Fundamental Expression of the Value of Money’, published in the magazine Anales de Economía (Madrid) in 1942. It was also reprinted in chapter 1, section 11 of the book The Functional Doctrine of Money, page 25 (2nd edition from 1956, which will always be the edition referred to herein). The book was published ...

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