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The OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide

Book Description

This low-priced, handy guide is packed with practical guidance for people who want to jump in and start using the OS X Mountain Lion. Written by Jeff Carlson, this essential companion features snappy writing, eye-catching graphics, and a clean design to help readers get the most out of OS X Mountain Lion. Jeff guides readers through Apple's OS X Mountain Lion, showing you how to:

  • Download, set up, and starting using Mountain Lion.

  • Manage files with iCloud.

  • Swipe, pinch, and scroll: Master Mountain Lion's Mult-Touch gestures.

  • Install applications from the Mac App Store, and stay safe with Gatekeeper.

  • Stay in touch: Enjoy video calls with family and friends with FaceTime and chat them up with Messages.

  • Don't miss another email, calendar alert, or friend request with Notification Center.

  • Show off your gaming skills through Game Center.

  • In addition, Jeff offers plenty of tips and tricks for getting the most from Mountain Lion.