The People Manager's Tool Kit: A Practical Guide to Getting the Best From People

Book description

Essential tools busy managers need to get the best out of their teams and people

People who manage people face a number of challenges, from keeping workers engaged and performing at a high level to dealing with absenteeism and bad behaviour in the workplace. In The People Manager's Toolkit, leadership and people management specialist Karen Gately offers a suite of practical tools for optimising staff performance and dealing with a wide variety of "people issues."

Avoiding all human resources jargon and complicated management theory, this straightforward how-to guide shows you practical everyday solutions to common problems. You'll learn to effectively leverage the tools to improve business results, whether your issue is getting people to do more than just the bare minimum, deciding on appropriate financial incentives, or any other issue that involves people and those who lead them.

  • Written by the highly regarded founder of Ryan Gately, the specialist consulting practice on human capital management based in Melbourne, Australia

  • Features practical, effective advice for dealing with and solving almost any people problem at work

  • Includes real-world case studies that showcase the book's tools and tips in action

Whether you just need a little help keeping your people motivated or you've got so many problems that you don't even know where to start, The People Manager's Toolkit gives you the strategies and solutions you need to solve virtually any issue.

Product information

  • Title: The People Manager's Tool Kit: A Practical Guide to Getting the Best From People
  • Author(s): Karen Gately
  • Release date: July 2013
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118590898