Chapter 10. Comprehensive View of Performance Management

With a clear understanding of how to overcome the barriers to EPM adoption, we now can pull everything together into a comprehensive view of performance management. The view starts with the Nine Tenets of the Performance‐Accountable Organization, first mentioned in Chapter 3, and how they map to the four core activities of a continuous performance management cycle, discussed previously. Armed with that knowledge, we can move to the specific business problems that can be solved by applying the core processes of the management cycle. And finally, we can link specific elements of an EPM solution to specific business problems.

Tenet #1: Finds Truth in Numbers

A single version of the truth guides performance at all levels of the organization.

Business Challenges

Fragmented financial and operational information is siloed in transactional systems or locked away in spreadsheets.


  • Managers have poor insight into enterprisewide performance drivers.

  • Organizations find it impossible to access relevant information in a timely way.

  • Managers find it difficult to create comprehensive and consistent management reports.

  • Decisions made on partial information are unreliable decisions.


Deploy an integrating BI platform to gather data from multiple transactional systems and transform it into one insightful version of the truth about an organization's financial and operational performance that is timely, accurate, relevant, consistent, and controlled. ...

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