The Performance Triangle

Book description

It is a new era. To win in an increasingly dynamic and volatile environment, leadership teams must be agile – they must be flexible enough to react to early signs and act on them quickly. An agile company needs good decision-making at all levels – from the centre to the periphery, tapping into the full potential of the people, operating model, information technology and leadership practices. And decisions are made by people. This guide forces you to re-examine the assumptions underlying your leadership and how agility within your company can be built through a three-point, people-centric approach. The author’s insights will help you understand your options, make the choices required to successfully coach your team, and start creating agility as a competitive advantage today.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Dedication
  6. Diagnostic Self-Mentoring
    1. Seven Questions
    2. Develop your Game Plan
    3. The Diagnostic: Decode Agility
    4. Agility Essentials
    5. A Systems Approach to Leading People
    6. The Outer Game
    7. Coach your Team
  7. Part I: Work in the System
    1. 1 Why Does Agility Matter?
      1. To Cultivate: An Obvious Choice
      2. The Performance Triangle
      3. When Viruses Interfere With Growth
      4. Success: Determine your Future
      5. Culture: Shape it as Needed
      6. Culture Releases Productive Energy
      7. Culture Correlates With Success
      8. Knowledge Sharing
      9. Collaboration: Making it Work
      10. Organization in a Networked Economy
      11. When It’s Time to Refuel
    2. 2 How Do You Know Agility is There?
      1. Performance is Individual
      2. People: More Than Good Intentions!
      3. Purpose: Needs to Be Found
      4. The Inner Game
      5. The Policy Framework
      6. Experience Flow
      7. Make the Difference
      8. Time is Taken, Not Found
      9. When Systems Replace Relationships
      10. Leadership: Ask Questions And Relate People
      11. Relationships: Connect People
      12. Leadership And Culture Connect People
      13. From Administration to A High Energy Culture
      14. Systems: Shape Culture And Leadership
      15. Systems And Culture Offer Purpose
      16. Systems And Leadership Enable Collaboration
      17. Does Good Leadership Matter?
      18. Three Conversations
      19. When Pioneers Grow Up
    3. 3 What Does Agility Mean to your Team?
      1. The Leadership Scorecard
      2. When Viruses Spread
      3. The Fix Requires Both: Leadership And Systems
      4. Keep Race Horses On Track
      5. Create Corporate Glue For Future Growth
  8. Part II: Work on the System
    1. 4 How Do You Ensure That Agility is Everywhere?
      1. Set the Rules Of the Game
      2. Determine the Pace
      3. Frame Decisions
      4. The Leadership Toolbox
      5. The Transition Challenge
    2. 5 How Do You Make Agility Stick?
      1. Work On the System
        1. 1 Rules: Must Enable Choice
        2. 2 Routines: Must Create Awareness
        3. 3 Tools: Need to Focus Attention
        4. 4 Leadership: Needs to Enable Trust
      2. The Transition to An Agile Organization
      3. When Creativity Meets Organization
  9. Part III: Engage People in the Conversation
    1. 6 Who is Accountable For Making Sure That Agility Happens?
      1. Organize Leadership Support
      2. The Leadership Team
      3. The Leadership Infrastructure
    2. 7 How Do You Lead the Agile Way?
      1. Leadership Cycle
      2. Take Account
    3. How We Got to the Performance Triangle
    4. Literature
    5. Figures
    6. Notes
    7. Advance Praise for the Performance Triangle
    8. The Agilityinsights Diagnostic™

Product information

  • Title: The Performance Triangle
  • Author(s): Lukas Michel
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Editorial Almuzara
  • ISBN: 9781907794414