If you do not have the time or budget to conduct a full neuromarketing evaluation, we recommend that you at least score your messages by using 24 questions. Each question has already been tested to assess and improve hundreds of ads. The purpose of this simplified tool is to identify the messages that have little chance of triggering the bottom‐up effect. For practical purposes, let's pretend that you are assessing the quality of the home page of your website. Here are the questions you can use to assess how well you are using the six stimuli to communicate your value proposition in ways that make your message optimized for the primal brain.


Personal (P)

1. Is your message clearly reawakening the customer's frustrations or threats solved by the product or service you offer?
2. Is the copy focusing on the customer (“you”) instead of focusing on the company or product?
3. Are the consequences of not overcoming the pain/frustrations clearly identified (loss of money, higher risk, psychological stress, etc.)?
4. Is the message stressing the urgency of solving the pains?

Contrastable (C)

1. Is the message using claims?
2. Is it clear that each claim is going to eliminate or treat a specific pain?
3. Are the claims helping you create sharp contrast, such as “before and after”?
4. Are the benefits/claims truly unique or original?

Tangible (T)

1. Is the value of each claim/core benefit ...

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