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The Photographer’s Guide to Using PhotoForge 1 and 2

Book Description

With apps like PhotoForge and PhotoForge 2, editing images on the iPad no longer means forfeiting advanced editing tools and techniques. In The Photographer's Guide to Using PhotoForge 1 and 2, author and photographer Theano Nikitas takes you through the ins and outs of this sophisticated image-editing app, from minor touch-ups through more complex editing tasks.

The guide also offers instruction on a wide range of special effects for adding creative touches to your photos. Whether you're a pro looking for a portable but powerful imaging app or someone who enjoys taking pictures for fun, PhotoForge has what it takes to become a regularly-used tool in your digital darkroom.

In this concise eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Use powerful editing tools to perform image enhancements

  • Work with layers and masking tools to selectively apply image adjustments and corrections (PhotoForge 2)

  • Add creative touches with special effects filters

  • Use social media to save and share your images (PhotoForge 2)