The Photoshop® CS Book for Digital Photographers

Book description

This update is so important, because if there was ever a version of Photoshop that was aimed at digital photographers, Photoshop CS is it, and "The Photoshop CS Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby (Editor of Photoshop User magazine) once again breaks new ground by doing something for digital photographers that's never been done before--it cuts through the bull and shows you exactly "how to do it." It's not a bunch of theory; it doesn't challenge you to come up with your own settings or figure it out on your own. Instead, it shows you step by step the exact techniques used by today's cutting-edge digital photographers and retouchers, and it does something that virtually no other Photoshop book has ever done -- it tells you, flat-out, which settings to use, when to use them, and why.

If you're looking for one of those "tell-me-everything-about-the-Unsharp-Mask-filter" books, this isn't it. You can grab any other Photoshop book on the shelf, because they all do that. Instead, this book gives you the inside tips and tricks of the trade that today's leading pros use to correct, edit, sharpen, retouch, and present their photos to some of the most demanding clients on the planet. You'll be absolutely amazed at how easy and effective they are--once you know the secrets.

LEARN HOW THE PROS DO IT Each year Scott trains thousands of professional photographers how to use Photoshop, and almost without exception they have the same questions and the same problems -- that's exactly what Scott covers in this book. You'll learn:

  • The secrets of how the pros retouch portraits

  • How to color correct any photo without breaking a sweat (you'll be amazed at how they do it!)

  • How to unlock the power of Photoshop CS' new features for digital photo pros

  • Amazing digital body-sculpting techniques

  • How the pros use CS' File Browser (it's much more powerful than you think)

  • Tricks that can send your productivity through the roof

  • The sharpening techniques the pros really use (there's an entire chapter just on this!)

  • How to deal with common digital camera image problems

  • Removing noise, avoiding halos, and protecting your images

  • How to use Match Color, The Color Replacement Tool, and other amazing CS tools.

  • Masking techniques for photographers

  • The most-requested photographic special effects

  • and much more!

  • Photoshop CS is THE tool for digital photographers, and this book show you exactly how to put it's power to work for you today.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. About The Author
    4. Read this First, Before Something Bad Happens
      1. I had no intentions of writing this book
      2. So now I had intentions
      3. How the book was developed
      4. Does this make the book too advanced?
      5. Is there lots of new stuff for photographers in Photoshop CS?
      6. So what’s not in this book?
      7. What does this “For Pros Only” logo mean?
      8. Is this book for you?
      9. Is this book for Windows users, Mac users, or both?
      10. How should you use this book?
      11. Wait, one more thing! You can download the photos used in the book.
      12. Anything else?
    5. Start Me Up: file browser essentials
      1. Saving Your Digital Negatives
      2. Creating a Contact Sheet for Your CD
      3. Browser Basics
      4. Navigating to Your Photos Using the File Browser
      5. Previewing Your Images
      6. Getting Info On Your Photos (Called Metadata)
      7. Searching for Photos by Adding Keywords
      8. Setting Up How You View Your Photos
      9. Renaming Individual Photos
      10. Rotating Photos (It’s Different in CS)
      11. Sorting and Arranging Your Photos
      12. Deleting Files from Within the File Browser
    6. Under My Thumb: advanced file browser techniques
      1. Getting and Editing a Photo’s Metadata
      2. Batch Renaming Your Files
      3. Setting up Custom File Browser Layouts
      4. Not Getting “Burned” When You Burn CDs
    7. Cream of the Crop: cropping and resizing
      1. Custom Sizes for Photographers
      2. Cropping Photos
      3. Cropping to a Specific Size
      4. Creating Your Own Custom Crop Tools
      5. Cropping Without the Crop Tool
      6. Automated Close Cropping
      7. Using the Crop Tool to Add More Canvas Area
      8. Straightening Crooked Photos
      9. Automated Cropping and Straightening
      10. Resizing and How to Reach Those Hidden Free Transform Handles
      11. Resizing Digital-Camera Photos
      12. The Cool Trick for Turning Small Photos into Poster-Sized Prints
    8. The Big Fixx: digital-camera image problems
      1. Compensating for “Too Much Flash”
      2. Dealing with Digital Noise
      3. Removing Color Aliasing
      4. Fixing Photos Where You Wish You Hadn’t Used Your Flash
      5. Fixing Underexposed Photos
      6. When You Forget to Use Fill Flash
      7. Opening up Shadow Areas (Digital Fill Flash)
      8. Instant Red Eye Removal
      9. Removing Red Eye and Recoloring the Eye
      10. Dodging and Burning Done Right
      11. Repairing Keystoning Without the Crop Tool
    9. Color Me Badd: color correction for photographers
      1. Before You Color Correct Anything, Do This First!
      2. Color Correcting Digital-Camera Images
      3. Drag-and-Drop Instant Color Correction
      4. Studio Portrait Correction Made Simple
      5. Correcting Flesh Tones for Photos Going to Press
      6. Adjusting RGB Flesh Tones
      7. Making the Tone of One Photo Match Another
      8. Getting Better Automated Color Correction
      9. Color Correcting One Problem Area Fast!
      10. The Magic of Editing in 16-Bit
      11. Working with Raw Digital-Camera Images
    10. The Mask: masking techniques
      1. Extracting People from Their Background
      2. Precise Selections Using the Pen Tool
      3. Saving Your Intricate Selections
      4. Loading the Highlights as a Selection
    11. Head Games: retouching portraits
      1. Removing Blemishes
      2. Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes
      3. Lessening Freckles or Facial Acne
      4. Removing the Signs of Aging
      5. Pro Wrinkle Removal
      6. The Secret to Better Healing
      7. Colorizing Hair
      8. Whitening the Eyes Quick Trick
      9. Whitening Eyes
      10. Enhancing and Brightening Eyes
      11. Changing Eye Color
      12. Enhancing Eyebrows and Eyelashes
      13. Whitening Teeth
      14. Removing Hot Spots
      15. Glamour Skin Softening
      16. Advanced Skin Softening
      17. De-Emphasizing Nostrils
      18. Transforming a Frown into a Smile
      19. Digital Nose Job
    12. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: body sculpting
      1. Slimming and Trimming
      2. Removing Love Handles
      3. Fixing Grannies
      4. Slimming Thighs and Buttocks
      5. Digital Tummy Tucks
    13. 38 Special: photographic special effects
      1. Blurred Lighting Vignette
      2. Using Color for Emphasis
      3. Adding Motion Where You Want It
      4. Focus Vignette Effect
      5. Adjusting the Color of Individual Objects
      6. Replacing the Sky
      7. Replicating Photography Filters
      8. Layer Masking for Collaging
      9. Depth-of-Field Effect
      10. Stitching Panoramas Together
      11. Automated Pano Stitching with Photomerge
    14. Back in Black: from color to grayscale
      1. Using the Lightness Channel
      2. Custom Grayscale Using Channel Mixer
      3. “Ansel Adams-Style” Extreme Grayscale Conversion
      4. Calculations Method
      5. Creating Duotones
    15. Sharp-Dressed Man: professional sharpening techniques
      1. Basic Sharpening
      2. Lab Color Sharpening
      3. Luminosity Sharpening
      4. Edge Sharpening Technique
      5. Extreme Edge Sharpening
      6. Sharpening with Layers to Avoid Color Shifts and Noise
      7. Sharpening Close-Up Portraits of Women
      8. Advanced Sharpening for Portraits of Women
    16. The Show Must Go On: showing it to your clients
      1. Watermarking and Adding Copyright Info
      2. Creating Your Own Custom Copyright Brush
      3. Embedding Digimarc Digital Copyright Info
      4. Showing a Client Your Work on Your Computer
      5. Showing Your Clients Different Versions of Your Work
      6. Letting Your Clients Proof on the Web
      7. Getting One 5″×7″, wo 2.5″×3.5″, and Four Wallet Size on One Print
      8. Creating Your Own Custom Picture Package Layouts
      9. How to E-Mail Photos
      10. Sending a Portfolio Presentation to a Client
    17. Contributing: Photographers
      1. Julieanne Kost
      2. Todd Morrison
      3. Jeannie Theriault
      4. Carol Freeman
      5. Dave Cuerdon
      6. Kevin Ames
      7. David Moser
    18. Additional Photoshop Resources
    19. Colophon

    Product information

    • Title: The Photoshop® CS Book for Digital Photographers
    • Author(s): Scott Kelby
    • Release date: December 2003
    • Publisher(s): New Riders
    • ISBN: 0735714118