Resizing Just Parts of Your Image Using the Recompose Tool

You really have to see this feature in action but, in a nutshell, you can resize one part of your image, while the important parts stay intact. For example, let’s say you took a photo of a snowboarder that you want to print out as a 6x4. But when you go to print it, you realize you’re going to have to crop it (since the 6x4 aspect ratio is not what your camera shoots in) and cut out a key part of the photo. With the Recompose tool, you can resize the background, without resizing the snowboarder. Like I said, you gotta see it in action.

Step One:

One of the things I use the Recompose tool for most is making digital camera images fit in traditional photography sizes (like 8x10″, 5x7″, 4x6″, ...

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