Cropping to an Exact Custom Size

Okay, now you know how to crop to Elements’ built-in preset sizes, but how do you crop to a nonstandard size—a custom size that you determine? Here’s how:

Step One:

Open the photo that you want to crop in the Elements Editor. (I want to crop this image to 8x6″.) First, press C to get the Crop tool. In the Options Bar, you’ll see fields for Width and Height. Enter the size you want for Width, followed by the unit of measure you want to use (e.g., enter “in” for inches, “px” for pixels, “cm” for centimeters, “mm” for millimeters, etc.). Next, press the Tab key to jump over to the Height field and enter your desired height, again followed by the unit of measure.


Step Two:

Once you’ve entered these figures ...

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