The Photoshop Lightroom Workbook

Book description

Photoshop Lightroom is the new software from Adobe aimed specifically at photographers and it's taking the photography world by storm. This no-nonsense guide to setting up an efficient workflow in Lightroom offers all the advice you need to master Adobe's clever workflow tool and make it work for you.
As co-founders of the renowned and hugely popular photography training and consultancy company D-65 (, Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer are the perfect guides to lead you through the maze technical problems and practical challenges that stand between you and a seamless digital workflow with Lightroom at the core. Keep the lens cap on until you've read the essential pro tips in this new Lightroom book from Focal Press!

Product information

  • Title: The Photoshop Lightroom Workbook
  • Author(s): Seth Resnick, Jamie Spritzer
  • Release date: August 2012
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136101335