Blend If Sliders

The Blend If function has been around in Photoshop for a long time, but for many people it’s a bit of a mysterious, when-would-I-use-this feature. It doesn’t do the trick in every situation, but it only takes a moment to try it—and sometimes it can be quite magical. The Blend If sliders are a layer-based function, and you will find them in the Layer Style dialog under Blending Options. The simplest way to access this option is to double-click a layer in the Layers panel.

Figure 2.1 shows an example of where we could use Blend If—in a way that’s better than the alternative methods. A client has sent a logo to be added to a photo, but it is a JPG on a white background.

Figure 2.1 A logo with a white background placed on an image. ...

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