Appendix 2: Full-Time
Faculty MemberUniversity
Medical Corporation
(All parties and names, terms, and conditions are intended to be fictitious.)
THIS AGREEMENT made as of the day of the 20th day of January, 2009, by and
between the University Medical Corporation, a Colorado nonprofit corporation,
hereinafter called “Corporation,and John Doe, MD, a member of the faculty of
the University School of Medicine, hereinafter called “Employee.
WHEREAS, this Agreement is consistent with American Medical Association and
Association of American Medical Colleges policy governing the care of paying
patients in medical school hospitals and with the Bylaws governing the compensa-
tion and status of the Faculty of the University School of Medicine, and the render-
ing of professional services to patients; and
WHEREAS, Employer agrees to and does hereby employ Physician in the specialty
of Internal Medicine; and
WHEREAS, Physician agrees to become and does become, with his or her signing
of this Agreement, a full-time employee of Employer; and
WHEREAS, Physician shall render professional services for which he or she is
qualified on behalf of Employer and shall perform such other duties on behalf of
Employer as may be assigned by the Manager of Clinical Services or a Corporation
NOW, THEREFORE, it is mutually agreed by and between the parties hereto as
2.0 Employment and Duties
2.1 The Corporation hereby employs Employee to perform professional services
at the University Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, or elsewhere as is directed
by the Dean of the School of Medicine, and Employee hereby accepts such
2.2 Employee agrees to obtain and maintain hospital staff privileges at University
Hospitals, or elsewhere directed by the Dean of the School of Medicine.
144 Appendix 2: Full-Time Faculty Member—University Medical Corporation
2.3 The Dean of the School of Medicine or his or her designated representative
will prescribe employee’s specific duties.
2.4 The Employee agrees to perform such assigned duties in accordance with the
provisions of the Bylaws of the University Medical Corporation, which Bylaws are
hereby incorporated by reference into, and made a part of, this Agreement.
2.5 Physician shall not participate in any third-party payment or health delivery
plan (such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, HMOs, and PPOs)
in connection with his or her professional practice without the prior consent of
2.6 Physician shall participate in any third-party payment or health delivery plan
designated by Employer. Physician shall abide by all applicable requirements and
guidelines of each third-party payment or health delivery plan in which he or she
3.0 Duties of the Employer
3.1 Employer shall provide office and clinical space for the Physician to pro-
vide professional services and shall furnish and maintain all equipment and sup-
plies necessary for the proper rendering of services by Physician. Physician shall
promptly notify Employer of any perceived deficiency in any equipment or deficit
of supplies.
3.2 Employer shall provide such clerical and clinical support staff for the Physician
as Employer determines is appropriate to enable Physician to perform his or her
responsibilities pursuant to this Agreement and in accordance with accepted stan-
dards of medical practice.
4.0 Duties Not Assignable
Neither party shall assign its rights or delegate its duties or performance under this
Agreement without the prior written approval of the other party. Any purported
assignment or delegation without prior written approval shall be void.
5.0 Employee Performance
Employee agrees that he or she will at all times, faithfully, industriously, and to
the best of his or her ability, experience, and talents, perform all of the duties
that may be required of him or her, including but not limited to the recording of
all information necessary for patient charts and other records and the billing of
patients services rendered them by Employee, and that, in the event this contract
is terminated for any cause, Employee will, at a negotiated additional cost to the
Corporation, provide to the Corporation all reasonable assistance and information
necessary to complete all such records and the billing of patients for services ren-
dered them by Employee up to and including the termination of this Agreement.
6.0 Term
The term of this Agreement shall be from the 20th day of January, 2009, to (but not
including) the first day of February, 2010, unless sooner terminated as provided

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